Custom “Notorious RBG” Hand-Painted Denim Jacket - Custom Ruth Bader Ginsburg - RBG

Custom “Notorious RBG” Hand-Painted Denim Jacket - Custom Ruth Bader Ginsburg - RBG

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Embrace the spirit of empowerment and resilience with our "Notorious RBG" Hand-Painted Denim Jacket, a personalized tribute to the indomitable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a beacon of justice and equality.

Personalized RBG Portrait:

Imagine your favorite image and/or quote of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, meticulously hand-painted on the back of a jacket. Each jacket created captures the essence of her unwavering determination, intellect, and the profound impact she made in shaping history.

We take pride in infusing each jacket with a personalized touch, ensuring it resonates with your individual style. While we cannot replicate jackets, we're delighted to offer a fresh twist to align with your preferences.

Pricing can vary depending on complexity, we will keep paintings within the listed price range unless requested otherwise. Please reach out to us if you want something more complex for example a larger painting, items painted on the front, collar, etc.

Artistic Icon and Beloved Tribute:
Ruth Bader Ginsberg's legacy as a legal luminary and advocate for equality deeply inspires us, and our RBG-themed jackets stand as cherished favorites. Join the community celebrating individuality and advocacy with an iconic denim jacket—a timeless piece that honors RBG's enduring legacy.


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