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Personalized "Luminous Growth" Iridescent Rectangle Plant Propagation Holder - Made to Order

Personalized "Luminous Growth" Iridescent Rectangle Plant Propagation Holder - Made to Order

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Nurture your plants in style with our "Luminous Growth" Propagation Holder. Designed for both functionality and aesthetic allure, this clear holder with rounded edges is a dazzling canvas for plant propagation. 

Iridescent Magic:

The interior of the holder features iridescent foil, creating a dynamic display of colors as sunlight dances through. Watch as your plant roots thrive in a nurturing environment that also doubles as a captivating piece of home decor.

Perfectly sized for various plant cuttings, this propagation holder seamlessly integrates into any space. Its clear design allows you to observe the growth process, while the iridescent foil adds a chic and whimsical touch that complements any interior style.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Crafted with precision, the "Luminous Growth" Rectangle Propagation Holder is not just a vessel for plant propagation; it's a statement piece. The rounded edges and clear construction showcase the meticulous craftsmanship, making it a functional and visually pleasing addition to your plant care routine.

Grow your plants with flair and sophistication.

Ordering Process:

Once you place your order, our team will reach out to discuss your customization preferences. Each set is made with precision and care, ensuring a unique gaming experience tailored to your taste. Orders can take 3-4 weeks to receive. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

All customized product sales are final. Due to the personalization of this item, unless damaged or defective during delivery, we cannot accept returns and do not provide refunds.

Crafted by Hand, Perfected with Precision:

Please note that these are hand-crafted items and may have slight imperfections at times, but I strive to make sure to smooth all edges, reduce any air bubbles, and put immense attention to detail when creating these.

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