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Handcrafted Pro Roe Dominoes - Empower Your Game Night

Handcrafted Pro Roe Dominoes - Empower Your Game Night

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Elevate your game nights with our "Back Off My Uterus" Domino Set, a powerful fusion of craftsmanship, playfulness, and advocacy for women's rights. This made-to-order set features a modern and elegant design, with the back of each domino proudly outlining a uterus—a symbol of pro-choice, bodily autonomy, and the strength of every woman's voice. Gift this unique set to someone who appreciates the artistry of play and the importance of advocating for reproductive autonomy.

Set includes 28 domino pieces
Dimension Per Domino: 2 inch x 1 inch x 0.39 inch deep
Crafted with care for lasting durability

Provide your preferred color(s) at check out.


Empowerment and Advocacy:

Each domino in this set is more than a piece for play; it's a statement. The "Back Off My Uterus" theme embraces pro-choice values, women's rights, and the mantra "My Body, My Choice." 

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